Submission Strategies

The Irish Submissions to Richard II, 1395

Notarial Instrument 10

The Submission of Niall O'Hanlon

Submission text (English, translated by Edmund Curtis)

Notarial Instrument X records that: on the same day, the 16th of March, and in the same place in Drogheda, in the presence of the King and notary, Neel O’Hanloyn [Niall O’Hanlon], removing his girdle, &c., and on bended knees, &c., took these words in Irish, which were rendered in English by Thomas Talbot, interpreter, in the presence of many understanding Irish, viz.:

‘I, Niall O’Hanlon, become liegeman of my Lord Richard’, &c. [as in Instrument I].

For the observing of which allegiance and fealty, he bound himself [as in Instrument VI], if he should violate the said oath, to forfeit to the Papal Camera 20,000 marks. Whereupon the King admitted Niall as his liege, and he requested the notary to make him a public instrument.

Witnesses as in Instrument IX.

Submission text (Latin, transcribed by Edmund Curtis)