Submission Strategies

The Irish Submissions to Richard II, 1395

Mapping the Submissions

How to use the map

Toggling layers:

By default, all people and place layers are turned on, and submission layers are turned off.

Hover over either of the two layer buttons in the top right corner to toggle the layers, either individually or in groups.

When the data appears on the map, you can click on each point or line to see more information.

Image of the two layer buttons in the top right corner of the map Image of the two layer buttons with one of them expanded to show the different layers you can toggle Image of a resource popup on the map

About the layers:

The People and Places layers show all individuals and locations named in or inferred from the text. Click on each point or icon to see more information, including a link to the full record.

The Submissions layers show each submission event, as recorded in notarial instruments. Each Submission layer includes the individuals named, their place of origin, the site of the submission, and color-coded lines indicating the role of each person in the submission: authorities in purple, submitting parties in orange, interpreters in green, and witnesses in gold.

The map is currently being revised, so not all layers are functional. Scroll down to see a Palladio visualization of the spatial network in the meantime, and visit the People and Places pages for an additional means of accessing the authority files.