Submission Strategies

The Irish Submissions to Richard II, 1395

Notarial Instrument 13

The Submission of William and Maeduc Carragh Barrett

Submission text (English, translated by Edmund Curtis)

Notarial Instrument XIII records that: on the same day, April 6th, and place as the foregoing, in the presence of the King, &c. William Barret and Mayv [Maeduc] Carragh Barret, Englishmen born in Ireland and rebels, appeared with cords around their necks, &c., [as in Instrument XI], having sought and obtained pardon for their offences, through the prayers of the Archbishop of Dublin.

Whereupon the King granted them life with the hope of doing things acceptable to him and his heirs, and requested the notary to make a public instrument.

Witnesses: the Archbishop of Dublin and others as in foregoing instrument.

Submission text (Latin, transcribed by Edmund Curtis)