Submission Strategies

The Irish Submissions to Richard II, 1395

Notarial Instrument 17

The Submission of Turloch O'Conor Don

Submission text (English, translated by Edmund Curtis)

Notarial Instrument XVII records that: ‘on the 20th day of April, 1395, in the church of Friars Minor in the city of Waterford, in the presence of King Richard and the notary, &c., Terrelagh [Turloch] O’Conor Don of Connacht, removing his mantle, cap, girdle, and dagger and on bended knees took oath in Irish [as in Instrument I], viz.: “I, Turloch O’Conor Don of Connacht, captain of my nation, become liegeman”, &c., which was rendered in English by James, Earl of Ormond. For the performing of which, Turloch bound himself in 20,000 marks as above. Whereupon the King admitted [180] Turloch as his liegeman. Whereupon came William de Burgo and did liege homage, and his interpreter was the Earl of Ormond. Then Bernard [Brian], son of Tatheus [Taig] O’Brien, and Dormicius [Dermot], son of O’Brien of Thomond, took oath as above and each bound himself in L1,000, and their interpreter was James, Earl of Ormond. Then Odo [Aedh] O’Kennedy Fen [Finn] and Thomas O’Kennedy Don did liege homage as above except that they did not bind themselves in money, and their interpreter was Gerald Tallon. Then Theobald FitzWalter, rebel, and David Gall Burke of Munster did homage in the form above-noted in English but without binding themselves in money, and their interpreter was William Scrope, Chamberlain of the King. Then came Patrick and Gregory, bishops of Kilfenora and Kilmacduagh, and on bended knees before the King declared that Brian O’Brien, Prince of Thomond, and Turloch O’Conor Don of Connacht had power to do homage for their names and nations as follows, and each of them took oath on the holy Gospels.

‘The names of those for whom Brian O’Brien had power to do liege homage are these: Laurence macNamara, Taig MacMahon, Maurice, son of MacMahon, Cornelius O’Conor, Iriel O’Lochlin, Cornelius O’Dea, Odo O’Hehir, and Donal O’Hehir.

‘The names for which O’Conor Don had power to do homage are: Donal O’Conor, Tomaltach MacDonagh, Rory O’Dowd, Shane O’Hara, Taig O’Hara, Tomaltach O’Gara, Maelruana MacDermot, Malachy O’Kelly, Eoghan O’Madden, Cristanus O’Mulryan, Odo O’Hanly, Taig O’Beirne, Dermot O’Flanagan, Shane MacDermot, and Tiernan O’Rourke. Upon [181] which the above-said Turloch O’Conor Don, W. de Burgo, B. son of Taig O’Brien, Dermot son of O’Brien, Aedh O’Kennedy Finn, Theobald FitzWalter, David Gall Burke, and the bishops, Patrick and Gregory, requested me to make them public instruments.’

Witnesses: R., Archbishop of Dublin, the bishops of Chichester, Llandaff, Ossory, Lismore-Waterford, and Clonfert, the Earl of Rutland and Cork, the Earl of Huntingdon, and the Earl of Nottingham.

Submission text (Latin, transcribed by Edmund Curtis)