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The Irish Submissions to Richard II, 1395

Notarial Instrument 29

The Submission of Niall Og and Niall Mor O'Neill

Submission text (English, translated by Edmund Curtis)

Notarial Instrument XXIX records that: on the 19th day of January, 1394 [N.S. 1395], in a room within the enclosure of the Friars Preachers in Drogheda, in presence of the notary, &c., Niall O’Neill senior did liege homage to our lord Richard the Second, King of England and France, Duke of Aquitaine, and Lord of Ireland, for himself, his sons, his nation, and his subjects in Irish, publicly rendered into Latin by interpreters, in this form of words, as follows:

‘I, Niall O’Neill senior, both for me and my sons, my whole nation and kin and all my subjects, become your liegeman from this day forth in life and limb and earthly honour to live and die with you against all men, and both I and all the aforesaid, my sons, my whole nation and kin, and all my subjects will be faithful to you and your heirs and will bear true fealty to you and your heirs, so help me God and these God’s holy Gospels.’

And the said O’Neill senior brought a power of proxy to the Lord King Richard in the name of his son for doing liege homage as above, viz.:

‘Let it appear to all by these presents that I, Niall O’Neill junior, captain of my nation, have made and ordained and constituted in my place ’, &c. [as in Instrument XVI].

By virtue of which power of proxy Niall O’Neill junior, by his aforesaid proxy, became liegeman of the aforesaid Lord King in the Irish language, turned publicly into Latin by interpreters, in the tenor of these words, as follows :

‘ I, Niall O’Neill junior, become liegeman ’, &c. [as in Instrument I].

And afterwards the said Niall, senior, in his own name and that of his son and his subjects, made concord with Lord Roger Mortimer, Earl of March and Ulster, in presence of the said Lord King, concerning the restoring with damages of all lands with all their appurtenances wrongfully detained for a long time from the said Roger. And for doing, executing, and finally fulfilling all the abovesaid, all and sundry, the said Niall O’Neill senior, in his own name and that of his son and all his subjects, having touched the holy Gospels took corporal oath with mature and perfect deliberation on the missal and cross of the Archbishop of Armagh, otherwise Primate of Ireland. Whereupon the said lord Richard the Second, King of England, &c., on one side and Niall O’Neill senior on the other, requested me to make them public instruments.

Witnesses: John, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate, and Richard, Tydeman, and Robert, bishops of Chichester, Llandaff, and Waterford-Lismore.

Submission text (Latin, transcribed by Edmund Curtis)