Submission Strategies

The Irish Submissions to Richard II, 1395


Ballycarbery East, Co. Kerry

Associated People

Tadhg MacCarthy Mór


51.94903099242467, -10.258605292800087

How was it located?

The visible remains of Ballycarbery are those of a tower house of slightly later date than the submissions. Although Mac Carthaigh's Book records Tadhg MacCarthy Mór's death there in 1398, the Annals of Inisfallen more accurately place that event in 1428.

Sources and Further Reading

Site record for KE079-034----, Archaeological Survey of Ireland, derived from A. O'Sullivan and J. Sheehan, compilers, The Iveragh peninsula: an archaeological survey of South Kerry (Cork: Cork University Press, 1996): entry 1101.


Margaret K. Smith